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KWIK FINCAP is a One Stop Solution for all types of Loan & Insurance needs.We will guide you to our best knowledge and give you personalized solutions for Free. On providing your details, we will approach you to understand your needs and provide solutions accordingly.

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Insurance is like a parachute - If you don't have it when you need it, you will never need it again!

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If you invest nothing, the reward is worth little

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To eliminate this problem, KWIK FINCAP was born. KWIK FINCAP provides "One-Stop" solution for all the financial needs of the customer. The portfolio of the customer remains under One-Roof and the customer will just have to contact only One Service provider and all the queries & services will be handled hassle-free. No need to contact multiple advisors for multiple services.

Your Problems

We have often seen people Buying Insurance from one agent, Mutual Funds from another, Loans from another etc. The portfolio of the customer is scattered. At the time of Service, it becomes difficult & confusing for the customer to manage and re collect which agent is having what portfolio.