What is loan?

You find the home. We will find the loan.

A loan is basically money borrowed with a guarantee of return within a specific time period. The lender comes into an agreement for a fixed rate of interest that you must pay on the borrowed money along with the main amount borrowed


Types of Loan

Secured Loan

Secured loans require collateral, i.e., you must provide an asset to the lender as security for the money you are going to borrow. In this way, if the loan is not repaid by you, the lender has the asset with him and can sell it to recover the money. Secured loan's rate of interest of secured loans are particularly lower as compared to those for loans without collateral.


Home Loan

This is a type of Secured Loan finance that funds you to buy or build the home of your preference.


Property Loan

Type of a loan where you can pledge any residential, commercial or industrial property for get the required funds.

Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Loans do not require collateral. A good credit score and history is vital for someone to avail this type of loan. Such loans attract higher interests as it can be pure risk for the lender if unpaid by the borrower.


Personal Loan

It is the most famous type of Loan, High interests are charged in this type of loan because it is unsecured and without any collateral.


Business Loan

Short term business loans can be availed for expansion purpose or to meet daily expenses of the Businessman.

In Conclusion

Most of the people in the world need Loans. Either for personal use, business use, education purpose, vehicle purpose etc. The most used loans are Personal loans & Housing Loans. In Home Loans, up-to 85% of the property can be availed whether Ready to move in or Under Construction.

Personal loan otherwise is unsecured loan hence interest charged is higher and the loan can be obtained basis your credit score and credit profile. Most important thing to remember is that CIBIL score plays a huge role in getting lesser interest rates.